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More Possible Than Ever 1:1 Marketing

With the advent of social media, online marketing changed. Suddenly, it’s now possible for personal or corporate brands, companies, and organizations to use these tools to have bilateral intimacy—engagement. The result is that you can be more connected to your fans, customers, and supporters than ever before. This change now requires that an organization transform into … Continue reading

How to Build Authority at the Beginning

When you’re trying to become an authority in a given space, it’s fine to “appoint yourself” at the beginning. You’ll need to have that confidence in your skills and abilities and in the content you provide. It used to be that you had to get a Ph.D. or have a radio or television show, or have a bestselling … Continue reading

The Middle Man

Anybody in the middle, anybody whose the middle man must bring one thing to the table. They MUST bring value in business. Middlemen add value when they bring taste or judgment or trust to bear on a transaction that isn’t transparent. And if they don’t they lose. Traditionally in business: you make a product then you … Continue reading

Platform Builder: Prospecting on Twitter

Prospecting on Twitter How to Use Twitter for Sales Prospecting Use this post as your prospecting tool and mindset helper in one. Short and sweet, it has real value for getting to prospecting on Twitter right away. Two-Minute Social Media Tips: Local Prospecting with Twitter Highly recommend: This is an awesome video by Troy Janisch … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Blogs: Which Are You?

If you visit the Technorati Top 100  blogs in the world as ranked by Technorati Authority. (The Top 100 is updated once per day.) You’ll notice one thing about the top 10 ranking blogs in the world. Almost all of them are written by groups or teams of people. There is not one ranked in that 10 that’s … Continue reading

The Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business Online

As a marketing expert, I receive a lot of email, calls, and I notice tons of questions on discussion boards from business owners who are trying to market their business online. So as a business  owner, what do you do? Here’s the top 10 ways to market your business online: Writing and Submitting Articles. For writing and submitting … Continue reading