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Since 2010, Patrick has been teaching people how to take the alternative path. This started off by coaching professionals on the different work models that are available today. In 2012 that transitioned to coaching/consulting independent professionals and business owners on alternative solutions for marketing their business. Not with average, out-dated or confusing marketing consultant speak. With creative ideas, and real-world marketing strategies that increase sales, leads, and grows your business.

Indispensable Marketing is an education-forward, innovative and strategic consulting firm that provides results-getting marketing advice and solutions geared specifically towards small and medium size businesses.

Our education-forward approach is demonstrated by giving our prospective clients and customers access to our blog, teleseminars, indispensable-view reports, knowledge hub and newsletters that showcase powerful business ideas and insights. We’re also named by Manta.com as a “Company You Want to Follow” and were hand-selected as a company to help grow your business.

At Indispensable Marketing we’re passionate about educating our clients, bringing creative and innovative ideas, and offering marketing solutions that grow businesses.

Our mission has never changed: We’ll help you turn marketing challenges into opportunities to reach your business goals.

Your Free Marketing Education:

Today, Indispensable Marketing brings you 2-5 articles a week about how to think differently about marketing your small to midsize business.

What can you expect?

  • It’s not (just) about Marketing Online.
  • It’s not (just) about Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • It’s not (just) about Marketing Tactics.

Today, it’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets of SMB marketing, and we cover that, daily … for free.

About Marketing Consultant, Thought Leader and Blogger Patrick McFadden

Meet Patrick McFadden, a marketing consultant specializing in strategically developing lead and sale marketing solutions, ideas and strategies for smarter SMB marketing.

Don’t be fooled by Patrick’s strategic nature, he’s very creative in noticing how marketing principles connect and can apply to modern day marketing, and then helping businesses make that leap and transformation into marketing success.  He is also an advisor and featured marketing contributor to American Express Open Forum and has been named a marketing thought leader for small businesses.

Patrick teaches, presents and speaks on:

  • Why Marketing Is the New Selling
  • Six Proven Ways to Boosting Marketing Success
  • 5 Ways to Use Online Tools to Drive Offline Sales
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Marketing … Right Now
  • How to Build a Consistent Flow of Leads Without Spending a Dime on Advertising
  • 5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week to Fix Your Marketing
  • 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

His insights and advice have been called, “rare, concise, straight to the point, beneficial and informative.”

He’s been seen on media outlets such as:

  • American Express OpenForum

  • IBM Midsize Business Leaders


  • KDOW 1220am The Wall Street Business Network

1220 am

  • NYC Department of Small Business Services,

  • Rescue A CEO,

Rescue a CEO

  • Bank of America SBC,


  • Manta,

  • Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center & more….

McFadden’s philosophy is that: “If your goal is growth, marketing is all that matters.”

One of his favorite quotations“Your best new ideas, and a company’s most breakthrough innovations, will come when you tap your weak ties by interacting with the disciplines you know less about, or the experts you rarely consult, or the people you associate with less frequently. By contrast, the surest way NOT to have a creative breakthrough is to rely on all the experts you already know, and all the disciplines you’re already familiar with.” – Don Peppers, Peppers & Rogers Group

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Email Me (Not Spam Me): pmcfaddenmarketing@gmail.com

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Media Appearances

Here you will find highlights of where Patrick has been seen and heard recently, and where he “appears” regularly.

 Rescue a CEO  loop 21Punch! Logo 

The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show

Hand-selected out of 29,521,980 Companies on Manta.com in the U.S. to help you grow your business & one of the Companies You May Want to Follow

Mrmarketology Teach a CEOCEO Blog NationHolly’s Advice for B2CloyaltyBoAeBook 57 Hot Business Marketing Strategies

“We can’t give a business success story in a box. We can’t guarantee your happiness in life. What we can do, however, is explain marketing strategies, tips, and concepts in a way that will help you take action!”

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  1. Hi Patrick, Love, love, love your message. Thoughtful, informed, and insightful. Looking forward to digging into the archieves as well as reading your future posts. Thanks, too, for following The Death of Online Dating. You’ve set a high standard for me to chase!

  2. “I point out things that most of us all ready know” most bloggers do just that but act as though it’s all brand new stuff. Which makes everything sound like the latest management fad. Thanks for not pretending 😉

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