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3 Reasons You Never Act on Your Dreams

Thinking about your future is easy. We all think, all the time. We spend time thinking about starting a business, thinking about writing that book, thinking about speaking to a group, or thinking about having that meeting. Thinking isn’t so hard. But taking action on what feels like a risk is hard and fearful.  Taking … Continue reading

The Results of the Status Quo

Status quo  thinking brings mediocre results. The Status Quo Formula: Status quo= Mediocre =Average Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average professional, businesses, and organizations are average.  Average is for losers!   The reason that average is for losers is that  given the choice between remarkable and average, nobody picks average. Nobody picks the status … Continue reading

The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Business

Sometimes when I speak with business owners about assets, they seem to get it. But they don’t. Not really. They falsely believe that today their physical building, trucks, and licenses are assets. My response? NO!  As commerce moves from marketplace to marketspace, your physical assets now become liabilities and are the most dangerous threat to your business. … Continue reading

How Ideas Go from Person-to-Person

When you have an idea it’s nothing more than a thought, until an actual product or service is created. Now, before you even think about creating a product or service you MUST have ideas that spread because the ideas that spread, win. Ideas are like riders and they need a horse to go somewhere and interact … Continue reading

Everyone = No One

Everyone is the masses. Everyone means no outsiders. Everyone takes millions to reach. Everyone is making an average product for average people. Everyone in a market more crowded than ever and more distracted than ever… means your product is for no one. P.S. I have a newsletter that comes out every Friday but not for everybody. … Continue reading

When does an idea count

What you think about never counts, the ideas that never get a plan of action never make a great story, it only counts when you ship it. It’s not art until it intersects with the market ( a person). It’s just useless meetings and countless what ifs. You have to figure out how to engage … Continue reading