Platform Builder: Color Emotion Guide

I recently saw this at and thought it would be a great platform builder for the colors you choose to design with.

Featured Image


13 thoughts on “Platform Builder: Color Emotion Guide

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  2. Reblogged this on Mindy Explains It All and commented:
    I love that Patrick from “Indispensable Marking” has shared this with all of us! Honestly, this is one of the huge reasons I chose advertising as my career path. The fact that advertising combines the art of selling and informing of marketing, art in design and psychology, as it is used here with colors…well that’s just what I like to call a triple threat career! Advertising and marketing incorporates so many elements that it can truly be an exciting and interesting field to work in.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great chart to keep as a reference. One reason I choose green for my business was because it represented new beginnings, growth and a feeling of calmness. I am always happy when people tell me that is what they feel when they visit my website. Thanks for sharing.

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