Posted in June 2012

An Opportunity Worth Making a Remark About

Organizations today are struggling to find remarkable people and after realizing that a remarkable hire is worth far more than an average one, or even a very good one. They are going to great lengths to hire them. From my viewpoint here’s what’s missing from the job equation: organizations, companies, and corporations try to treat opportunities like property and as a result, … Continue reading

Where does credibility come from?

Hint: it never comes from the being late and from the lack of follow-through. We give credibility to the person who makes a serious promise and delivers on it, to the person who is dependable, to the person whose word is there is bond because it is a direct reflection on the integrity and character of that individual. … Continue reading

Marketing Lessons From Voting

Yesterday, I receive a phone call from a voter registration volunteer asking me if I wanted to volunteer some of my time on a given weekend for the benefit of others. Well, if you know me I started to ponder about the marketing lessons we could learn from voting: Voting is free. Some people really like to vote. It builds … Continue reading

Add The =

There’s always been a cultural desire to conform. The difference is that now there’s money at stake, so marketers push us to conform in ways that turn a profit. Marketers, brilliant, profit-oriented marketers, have had a century to teach us to associate respect and kindness and love with certain kinds of products. And that’s why … Continue reading

If it’s not “remarkable” it’s just very good

Ideas, products, services, or causes that are remarkable are much more likely to spread than those that aren’t. Yet so many companies and organizations still market and provide average products for average people. Why? I think it’s because they think the opposite of remarkable is bad or mediocre or poorly done. Thus, if they make … Continue reading

Yesterday’s Brand is Today’s Experience

While watching this YouTube video  from American Express Open Forum my definition of brand dramatically change.  I now define brand as : A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If the consumer (whether it’s a business, … Continue reading

Are you “pushed” by information or “pulled” by information?

We are told there are two primary methods to receive information;  pushed and pulled.  We all know that information that is PUSHED to us (like spam email, to pick a horrible example, or the typical uninspiring fill-in-the-blank public relation pitch to bloggers), can be very temporary. Pulled information on the other hand, tends to PULL us toward something. Sometimes we wait … Continue reading

The Million Dollar March

Most business owners, musicians, and entrepreneurs can’t wait to make a million dollars and the benefits that status brings. On this march I call it to a million dollars there seems to be one popular method spreading around and that is to make a dollar in profit from each of a million people. Or a penny … Continue reading

The Power of Your First Seven

The power of your first seven is so vital to your future success that some call it “the secret of the new marketing.” So what is? It’s when you find those seven people who trust you, respect you, need you, and will listen to you. These seven people need what you have to sell, say, promote, inform, teach … Continue reading