Change Your Mindset, Change Your Outcome

Every person that’s in business is guided by what they believe. Your beliefs are closely related to your attitudes, with what you say and with what you do. Your attitude shapes where you want to go. Now, in order for your beliefs and attitudes to lead you, you MUST first start with your mindset.

Your business, brand, product, service or cause starts with you. You MUST acquire the marketing mindset. The saying is, “customer service is not the department.” Well, “marketing is not the department.” You MUST lead with this idea that “each person and every activity in our company or organization will be focused on building awareness with our prospects and clients.” That marketing is action and action leads to profits.

And if you start changing your mindset to think about how all these marketing activities work together to achieve your marketing goals and to think about doing something that’s remarkable (worth making a remark about) for your customer. You’ll never go out of business. You’ll have a connection with the customer unlike your competitors. You’ll have the one thing you can’t pay for: people’s attention.

By changing your mindset, you completely changed your outcome.

4 Effective and Proven Ways to Change Your Outcome:

  1. Continue to meet people and build relationships
  2. Keep track of who you meet
  3. Constantly review, audit, and evaluate marketing activity implemented, including every point of contact and the identity of the business
  4. Have a plan and use it as a living, working document to lead marketing initiatives

Question: Are you ready to change your outcome for 2013?

7 thoughts on “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Outcome

  1. Reblogged this on Leadership Musings of a Skeptical Positivist and commented:
    Whether your focus is marketing, leadership, education, or just plain parenting, this is a message all can use in our everyday lives. Attitude adjustments (sometimes just incremental) can have huge impacts on the outcomes you produce in life. Remember, just a 2-degree course adjustment on the high seas makes a whole lot of difference where you end up!

    • Absolutely P.J. Gallant! You can really apply this to any area of life. I heard a financial advisor say if I can change the way you relate with money, then we can change the outcome you have with it. What that taught me is how you relate to something is closely related to your mindset towards it. Thanks for your comment!

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