Guest Posting

An Invitation to Guest Post on my Blog

Below you will find all the details about the process.


Anything that is useful for my readers will be considered for a guest post here. It can be related to personal development, finding your passion, or creating work you love.  Or it can be more directly related to running a business – marketing, blogging, podcasting, or dealing with the challenges of growth.


Most guest posts require that it has never been published anywhere before on the Web or in print and furthermore that you will never, ever use the content anywhere else.  My personal feeling is that writers are then forced to choose between:

  • Holding your best material back from your own audience
  • Submitting second-class content and hoping it’s good enough

I don’t want either of those to be true.  So I want your very best material.  If you wrote a blog that got great response from your audience chances are strong my audience will like it as well.  And it’s an opportunity for you to submit your very best material – here and other places.  The internet world is too large to think one presentation in cyberspace is going to saturate the potential readers who could benefit.

Providing a tease in your own blog when it is going to appear here would be great.

You may provide up to three links in your bio back to your own material.  Here’s an example:  

“This is a guest post by Patrick McFadden. He is the author of the Indispensable Marketing Blog. You can also follow him on Twitter. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.”

Your post should be at least 300 words long and no more than 800 words.

You should also read:

Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post” by Michael Hyatt

9 Ways Become an Exceptional Guest Poster” by Darren Rowse

Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest” Post by Jeff Goins.

“Blogging Your Passion” by Jonathan Milligan


I will likely copyedit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.  I will not make substantive changes to make it usable but will simply not use it if I feel it is not ready to go.

I may provide a short introduction to my readers, explaining why I think your post is relevant and important.


I understand the work that it takes to write a blog post.  And I trust your judgment in publishing it anywhere you wish.  But to be published here I will have to view it as having unique value to my readers.  Please don’t be offended if I choose to pass.  And don’t expect any kind of explanation of my not using it or a critique of how you could make it acceptable.


If your post meets the above guidelines:

  • Please for consideration. I will respond with a “yes” or “no” within 48 hours.You can put your post in the body of the email or include it as an attachment. Please include the size of your readership: number of blog readers, podcast listeners, and Facebook friends or fans.

16 thoughts on “Guest Posting

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  9. Hello to you Mr. McFadden. WOW! You really are a prolific writer. I already admire you for your wonderful contribution to the literary world. Now, to get down to the nitty-gritty. I found you on Manta. I just joined. My handle on Manta is “Our Daily Bread Herbal Remedy”. I am also a recently new blogger on EN, and a good one at that. I, too, love to write on herbs and natural healing. I would love to follow your guidelines and become a guest blogger on your site. However, before I send you any sample blogs, please review my site through a Google search and let me know if my taste is according to your liking. I can then provide you with new content. Most of my herbal blogs feature famous people like George Clooney, Harriet Tubman, Marilyn Monroe, President George Bush, Star Wars and The Force. Lots of humor, content, history, entertainment and herbs. Thanks for listening.

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