Posted in November 2012

The competition can never beat you at this…

Instead of trying to out-think the competition it’s worth trying to out-love them. Everyone is working hard on the thinking part, but few of your competitors worry about the art and generosity and sharing and caring part. Advertisements

What’s your channel?

Understand that the price of your service or product doesn’t have anything to do with how much it cost to make. So Starbucks Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee cost around $73.oo a gallon to buy or $40 for a half- pound bag to buy , but to make it cost $2. There is this huge disconnect because … Continue reading

Thank you, Zig Ziglar

I was sad to learn that Zig Ziglar my teacher died this morning (age 86). He was a great man and a mentor to many. Thanks for teaching me how selling is the driving force of any company. Thanks for reminding me that honesty and integrity is so important to selling. Thanks for telling us, … Continue reading

How to gain 12 hours a day?

Three things: Don’t go to meetings! Don’t watch TV! (Right here is twelve hours a day that I get that most people don’t.) Figure out what you’re not going to do! ( You can’t be on every social media platform, so you have to choose to be a meaningful specific rather than a wondering generality.)

What marketers actually sell

Not electronics or clothes or food or vacations or automobiles or talk or even sugary water. What marketers actually sell is “hope”. The reason is quite simple: people need more of it. It’s like taking a bath, you need it everyday. Hope is almost always in demand. The magical thing about selling hope is that it makes everything … Continue reading

The formula of favors

When you’re entering into a transaction of any kind one of three things is going on in your head: This is a favorless transaction I’m doing you a favor, pal Hey, this person is doing me a favor It’s interesting to sit back and think about how this affects the way we do business. At … Continue reading

The New Culture of Generosity

The connection economy has caused a shift and I have watched this shift in myself, my fans, and the marketplace. I call it “The New Culture of Generosity”. Against popular opinion, I don’t believe that social media promotes narcissism. It certainly doesn’t reward it. While there will always be exceptions, the people who are “takers” are … Continue reading

10 tools that make you “The Expert”

1. Perspective – insights on best practices 2. Philosophy – look at the world differently 3. Personal Path – what’s your story? How can people connect with you? 4. Position – creator, founder, director, CEO, author 5. Popularity – followers, friends, platforms 6. Partnerships – other experts, causes, major companies 7. Progress – show results 8. Praise – gather and share testimonials 9. … Continue reading