Posted in February 2013

Are You Tuned into Your Customers Favorite Radio Station?

If you’re in business the one thing you MUST know is:  “What does your customer really want?” If you want to blow the competition away and gain market share, information will be your asset.  And there’s no excuse for not knowing this information. In fact EVERY successful marketing plan comes down to these two essentials: Knowing … Continue reading

Platform Builder: Prospecting on Twitter

Prospecting on Twitter How to Use Twitter for Sales Prospecting Use this post as your prospecting tool and mindset helper in one. Short and sweet, it has real value for getting to prospecting on Twitter right away. Two-Minute Social Media Tips: Local Prospecting with Twitter Highly recommend: This is an awesome video by Troy Janisch … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Blogs: Which Are You?

If you visit the Technorati Top 100  blogs in the world as ranked by Technorati Authority. (The Top 100 is updated once per day.) You’ll notice one thing about the top 10 ranking blogs in the world. Almost all of them are written by groups or teams of people. There is not one ranked in that 10 that’s … Continue reading

The Mindset NEEDED to Win

The mindset NEEDED to win is this: Turn strangers into followers. Turn followers into prospects. Turn prospects into friends. Turn friends into customers. And then… do the most vital job: Turn your customers into evangelist. This is not just for businesses. This mindset NEEDED to win is also for: Public Speakers Bloggers Recording Artists Politicians Business … Continue reading

The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing isn’t about interrupting the marketplace with your media messages. The future of marketing isn’t about retail distribution and sales (generating transactions).  The future of marketing isn’t about exploiting a market for your own benefit. The future of marketing is about relationships and service, both are expensive in time and energy. It takes time to nurture the customer relationships because people buy from friends rather … Continue reading

Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Make Yours Succeed Teleseminar Replay

Yesterday, I hosted a Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Make Yours Succeed Teleseminar. I shared: the sequence for successful selling – of anything, five steps to dating your customer, the difference between advertising and marketing, how to position your product, service, brand or idea into someones head, the future asset of every small business, the ONLY networking that matters … Continue reading

3 Reasons You Never Act on Your Dreams

Thinking about your future is easy. We all think, all the time. We spend time thinking about starting a business, thinking about writing that book, thinking about speaking to a group, or thinking about having that meeting. Thinking isn’t so hard. But taking action on what feels like a risk is hard and fearful.  Taking … Continue reading