What You Should Know About Success and Growing Your Business

Whenever someone who is successful speaks about their success and growing their business, they’re some in the crowd who seem to get it. But they don’t. Not really. They falsely believe that it’s because of one thing or one move. They think that it must be because of their Twitter profile, or Facebook Fan page, or Google+ account, that’s the reason for their success. And it’s NEVER just one thing or move.

The truth is success and growing your business is always a combination of things working together, never just one thing. When you think about a combination lock. It’s a lock where a sequence of numbers or symbols must work together, in order for you to successfully open the lock. And so this notion of the cookie cutter, the “one thing” success, is fake. Success is always achieved when it’s a combination of things working together and it’s always fake when the thinking is it’s just one thing.

In Pro Football a quarterback just having the ability to throw a ball is just part of it. To throw it accurately and successfully, you must work the combination of setting your feet to where you want to throw, turning your hips, keeping your head down the field, and then releasing the ball.

In marketing it’s the combination of everything you do to promote your business, from the moment you conceive of it, to the point at which customers buy your product or service and begin to patronize your business on a regular basis that attributes to success.

The shortcut (the one thing thinking) is always the short story. Always!

Questions: What do you think? Do you think a combination of things attributes to success ? How have you seen this play out in your own life?

8 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Success and Growing Your Business

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  2. Hi Patrick,

    I have read your post and agree with what you said about the “one thing that worked liner”. I was immediately drawn to the bible verse that says “All things work together for good….” It didn’t say one thing that worked. It is indeed all things – the failures, the silly questions, the constant pushes, the almost got its, the I wish I
    had some help and then the I got its, that brings one to their success story.
    I am the toddler in promoting our business; I keep falling(having butt aches now) but keep on getting up because I have others that have overcome this stage like you encouraging me.
    Thanks for your transparency in these posts.

    No EGO Inc.

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