The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing isn’t about interrupting the marketplace with your media messages. The future of marketing isn’t about retail distribution and sales (generating transactions).  The future of marketing isn’t about exploiting a market for your own benefit.

The future of marketing is about relationships and service, both are expensive in time and energy. It takes time to nurture the customer relationships because people buy from friends rather than strangers and it takes energy to render remarkable service because if it’s not worth making a remark about, if it’s not worth a conversation, not worth people choosing to talk about it. You’re invisible.

Question: Knowing that people buy from friends rather than strangers how are you building relationships with your prospects and customers?

5 thoughts on “The Future of Marketing

  1. I am trying to just do what comes naturally to me, which involves reaching out to others and creating some type of bond with them.

  2. Given the reach and impact of social media, building a relationship with potential customers is ever so easy. But will that be based on trust is the key question. Only when that trust evolves between the marketer and the customer, there can be further progress.

    We build such a relationship with our customers by being a troubleshooter and knowledge authority. We resolve our customer’s queries via social media and provide them with solutions and follow up on that. This builds a credibility for us among our customers and it eventually is a fruitful relationship.

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