After the Revolution comes the Age

We all grew up learning about the industrial revolution and every revolution is then proceeded with an age behind it.  The industrial revolution created the industrial age. What was hard about the industrial age was making stuff. That the way to win was to produce something as fast as possible for as cheap as possible. Henry Ford didn’t get wealthy because he ran good ads on TV, he got rich because he made a car cheaper and faster than anyone else.

Then after the industrial age came the mass media revolution which is proceeded by the mass media age. In the mass media age the goal was to interrupt people with ads and commercials making average products for average people.  The television was invented for advertising not the other way around. Television manufactured attention because you only had a few channels maybe 6, 8, and 24. And what mass media advertisers wanted was to turn that attention into money and if they knew that your attention would be on one of these three channels they could also create culture.

Today we have the connection revolution which will be proceeded by the connection age. And today attention is scared because in the connection revolution people have over a  million media choices. People connect with other people who care about the same things and connections are currency, they have worth and are extremely precious. What caused this shift was the internet. The internet has one job that it does well and that is connecting human being. It’s a connection machine. So when we look at every business over the past ten years that’s online (Groupon, Facebook, Kickstarter, Amazon, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Chat, LinkedIn Forums, etc.) they exists to connection one human being to another.

They create their own media channels and build their own communities. So I don’t watch or listen to what the mass marketer wants me to watch or listen to I watch or listen to what ever I want.

2 thoughts on “After the Revolution comes the Age

  1. Patrick, I agree with your views here. However I think the current “revolution” as we call it is still playing out and disrupting on many levels and will do so for some time just as the industrial revelution took time to develop into the industrial age.
    The industrial revolution started I guess with the invention of the steam engine and other powered tools like the automated loom. The beginnings of this one can be traced back to the advent of the PC and mass storage devices but primarily to the invention of the internet which has enabled the connectivity and transfer of information.
    In my opinion we are just at the start of where ever this may lead.

    • You bring up some great points Dongric! I think you’re right we will have to see where this may lead in the future. The interruption marketing has been increasing but for in terms of the masses, if you make average products for average people you’re in the corner because the only thing we got left is the Superbowl and the Academy Awards.

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