How to Understand Branding in 7 Minutes

We’ve all heard the benefits of branding. But how do you establish and build one? In this post I provide in a clear, concise, and informative format, on how to understand branding in 7 minutes. Armed with this knowledge you’ll cut through the noise and chatter and receive the benefits of understanding how to establish and build your brand.

Branding today is the foundation of your engagement (two-way conversations) efforts. If you’re consistent in how you engage and are remembered you can build brand identity and equity, and you also make a connection. You interact with people who want to be interacted with and you become their preference, and they in return become your true fan.

The four activities that are the groundwork of brand building and awareness are:

  1. Noticing
  2. Thinking
  3. Liking
  4. Buying

In fact branding’s true purpose is to create an emotional connection to a product, company, service or person. When thinking about branding consider things like the relationship your company, product, service, or talent has with the marketplace. Branding is how you’re known in the different spaces whether online or offline.

As a car wash & detailing company, are you known as the car wash professionals? As a Maid service , are you known as the maid service who drives in yellow painted vehicles with “The Maids” written on the side? As a tech support company, are you known as the 24-hour online solution? Regardless of how you brand yourself and your company, the goal is to influence customers and prospects to think of you FIRST when they need to hire a product or service to solve a problem. Large corporations do branding with big budget advertising and etc.. You the small to midsize business will do branding with strategies and tactics of time, energy, and innovation.

If you’re been reading my blog you know that branding isn’t your company name. It’s not a logo. It’s not a tag line. All of these contribute to your brand. I know some of you are saying, “What about advertising?” Well, advertising is an important part of branding; however, you can’t build your brand solely through advertising. Remember as marketing is made up of many, many things, all working together over time. Branding is the same.

The goal of establishing your brand is to communicate to your niche market (a segment of mainstream) what your brand stands for, doing it reliably and repeatedly, so that over time people see it, use it, think of it, or refer it.

Building a strong brand today is only possible one way: a remarkable product.  Whether you’re starting a brand,  building a brand, or maintaining a brand your product or service must be worth making a remark about.

Measuring your brand is easy, it’s as strong as the emotional response it evokes. (Ask Dave Ramsey, Apple, Starbucks)

My final point about branding is that brand building is making sure you keep your promise.

Question: What is your promise and do you keep it?

11 thoughts on “How to Understand Branding in 7 Minutes

  1. Nice thoughts on branding, and how it encompasses more than any one aspect of a business’ or entrepreneur’s overall strategy. As for my promise, we deliver peace of mind so families and business owners can focus on more important things than worrying over whether or not their legal rights and identities are protected, or where they can turn for reliable business guidance.

    • Thank you Kerwyn for your comment and feedback! That’s an awesome promise with all this internet security breaches going on. Accounts being hacked, and identities being stolen. Being a reliable source in today’s world is very important, there’s more than a million media channels and if you have the privilege to earn someones attention, that’s great.

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  3. Great post Patrick. Building a brand is like any construction project. Planning comes first. Then the foundations and after that the individual bricks to build it. It takes time and effort. It’s not just about the look and feel… it’s also about the experience and everything else.. including the aftertaste once the product and or service is delivered.

  4. I totally agree with the last line: brand building is ensuring you deliver on your promise. I am still in the process of building my brand and I have to keep reminding myself of what I want the brand to be known for; and deliver along those lines.
    Thank you Patrick for the post.

    • That’s awesome you are taking steps to create and carve out a place where you’re known as the solution for your customers and prospects problem. I encourage you to stick with the process. Thanks for your comment!

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  6. Reblogged this on Syllable in the City and commented:
    Through the blogs I follow I came across this very insightful blog – I want to share this with fellow UBC participants in particular. Thanks for your continued support, and I hope you find value in some of the content 🙂

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