The Asset of the Future for Every Business is…

If you know by permission who wants to hear from you and you earn the privilege of sending anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to these people. There will be a line out the door, and a waiting list of people who want to do business with you.

What most Public Speakers, Bloggers, Recording Artists, Politicians, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales People, Pastors, and Brand Managers are starting to understand is that the asset of the future for every business is not views, or shares, or clicks, or likes, or tweets.

The asset of the future for every business is: “How many people want to hear from you tomorrow?”, “How many people are willing to give you their precious attention?”

So, these people who care enough to listen to you, How can you say something to them that they want to hear?, How can you create platforms and scenarios and stories that make them look forward to hearing from you?, How do you take this permission and nurture it and grow it over time?

Question: How are you earning your fans, readers, and followers permission?


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