Why selling matters and how to do it successfully

In today’s world it’s pretty clear that we all sell and we might as well learn how to do it well. However I keep running across individuals who say, “my very worst skill set is selling and in fact I hate to sell.” If you want to succeed in life and business you MUST know how to sell! No doubt about it.

Your successes in business and life will be very limited without selling.  There is some good news though; anyone can learn how to “sell” well, and from my experience most of you are already “selling” without realizing it.

You can’t reach any level of success in life that does not require selling?

  • Getting into college – you have to sell yourself.
  • When in business – you have to sell.
  • Getting married – you have to sell yourself.
  • Being a parent – you have to sell your kids on being the best they can be
  • Getting a job – any job – you have to sell yourself.
  • When you’re dating – you have to sell yourself
  • Starting an event – you have to sell
  • Going to the movies with friends  – you have to sell your friends

The purest form of selling is sharing enthusiasm – you see a remarkable movie and tell 10 of your friends, you eat at a remarkable restaurant and share about that with 20 people you see. Not high pressure selling.

We all get paid for sharing our enthusiasm.  What you need is to find something you are so passionate about that you want everyone else around you to experience the same benefits you are enjoying.

So remember to get this next job, you are “selling” yourself.  To keep a job you are “selling.”  To start your own business you are “selling.”  To get paid for anything you are “selling.”  Don’t back away from selling.  Just find that “fit” and you’ll find your self-esteem, confidence, boldness and enthusiasm will all lead to higher levels of success.

Question: Have you noticed any situation where you have used your selling skill before?

3 thoughts on “Why selling matters and how to do it successfully

  1. This is something we talk about here at the Career Center at Culverhouse all the time. Many of our business students think that if they aren’t in the sales program, they don’t need to hone in on the selling skill set. Incorrect! Crafting a resume, preparing an elevator speech and making an impression at a career fair are all a part of selling your personal brand. Good post.

    The Career Center at Culverhouse

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. All my life I’ve stayed clear from jobs or roles related to sales/marketing and now to find out it’s been the biggest part of my world. It makes me chuckle a little bit.

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