What I’ve learned about blogs from blogging everyday

In our society, starting stuff is applauded. That when you tell your friends you’re getting married. A party will ensue. That when you join the gym, you already feel healthier and all you did was sign a check. That when you tell your friends you’re starting a new career. A party will ensue.

There is this sense that going down a new path is exciting. A blank sheet of paper.  So lots of people start stuff and almost nobody finishes stuff. Half of all marriages end up in divorce. Most gym memberships stop being used in March. You can go down the list. They’re a lot of things that we say we’re going to do on Monday morning. And then three, six, or nine months later down the road we’re not doing that anymore.

And so what I’ve learned about blogs from blogging everyday is that most people who start a blog quit within a few months. (Re-read that sentence again and let it sink in.) Setting up a blog is the easy part; actual blogging is the hard part. Once the initial enthusiasm diminishes, it is difficult to keep posting. Most would-be bloggers post less and less until they simply quit and abandon their blog.

So, when you look at the economics of the situation. The reason that those outcomes are valuable (the marriage of 30 years, the blogger who’s never missed a post in 3 years, the person who’s in the gym until it becomes a habit)  is because they’re scarce.


18 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about blogs from blogging everyday

  1. Thanks for the message Patrick … I have been brewing my next article. It’s time to stop brewing and finally serve it up.

    All the best,

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this today! It is total confirmation to me that I am staying on the right path. I have been working on a blog for about six months. I had come to the realization that now the hard part is getting to kick in….the glow and bliss of the honeymoon is over! I know the feelings of quitting must not overule our feelings to succeed! What are your thoughts on lack of focus due to information overload and how to overcome it?

    • My pleasure Sherie! Thank you for your comment and questions. My thought on lack of focus due to information overload is this: I like to read and I like to be informed as much as possible before I start a new project, but I also have come to understand that it’s not how much I know, but what I do with what I know. So, for me to overcome this problem I have come up with this rule: “gather enough information to create an action”. One I have enough information to create a action I MUST do it (especially if the information is redundant). The reality is that you’ll never start off with all the information you need. For example: I learn that the people who read posts on “How to” prefer their information in the bullet list format. I learned that as I blogged more and as a read information that said to do that, so it created an action. Everything is a process, a journey, so you’ll get better as time goes on.

      I also use shipping to my advantage | https://indispensablemarketing.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/shipping/

  3. I was just thinking about how consistent you are in posting daily. That’s a very admirable trait. I found your blog on Manta recently and have been reading it daily. I get a lot out of it. I have been a personal trainer for 21 years and now I am taking my business to the next level through making a website, setting up a facebook page and writing a blog. I think it takes a passion to give to people your knowledge believing that you can influence someone’s life positively inspiring them to be better. I feel that reading your blog daily gives me many ideas to market and promote my business. On a deeper level I have noticed that you have a great heart to care for people. The blog you wrote the other day about being interested in someone really struck a cord. To really actively be compassionate for someone and their challenges is not to just say I care, but to do something about it; to serve them in some way. Thanks for your blog and being consistent. I believe people have so much to offer and it takes stepping aside and reflecting on the ideas that we have and thinking through to seeing them helping others and then taking the “time” to sharing them.

    • Wow Jonathan! I’m totally honored by your comment. I’m over joyed that you are taking the initiative (because it’s never given) to create a platform where you can make change and serve the people that are looking for help, growth, and a better lifestyle.

      My mentor Zig Ziglar once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

  4. Yeah, how true is this. I set up my blog 1 year ago and posted 10 blogs in the first 12 months I’ve had the site. Then I posted 12 blogs in the past 3 weeks. Trying to get more active.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Nick! Once you keep doing I have notice it becomes a habit. I actually came close to missing a day after I had taught a class I left my laptop in that establishment and couldn’t get it until the next day around 12pm. And guess what at 1pm I sent a post. lol. I encourage you to keep it up, keep shipping!

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  6. Hello Patrick, i loved your post and thank you for reminding me about persistence. I had my blog for around 8 days, and posted every day (+all the hours spent on tweaking the blog)… thanks to reddit, I gained about 10k views, and now I get the feeling as if blogging every day creates a big burden on my back. It is a little difficult psychologically, and it is maybe because I am in the middle of the exam week (2nd year English major), and have to work (tourist guide) right after I finish my last exam. It felt good to read your post and see the comments about your persistence. I will also work hard and make it happen. Thank you.

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