How to create a trusting relationship with everyone you encounter

While  talking about creating a trusting relationship before you can “coach, consult, teach or lead” someone. Someone shared this thought:

If you are interesting, people will like you,

If you are interested, people will love you.

That seems to capture an important and far-reaching principle. When someone spends 30 minutes telling you how they traveled to another country and spent three weeks digging a fresh water well you may put them on your list of interesting friends. But if another person follows up on your mention that you’re looking for a job, asks you what your strongest talents are then and offers to introduce you to the hiring manager at their company, the feeling goes much deeper than just a friend.

When you have extra tickets to a concert, do you want to give those to someone you find interesting or interested?

Start creating a trusting relationship with everyone you encounter by being interested.

8 thoughts on “How to create a trusting relationship with everyone you encounter

    • Thanks Ray! I’m just trying to keep my promise and offer “Marketing Advice That’s Absolutely Essential For Success” and I thought this advice here could help any business, professional, or organization learn how to engage with their customers and prospects in a way that they love them or miss their brand!

  1. Hi, Patrick – I love that quotation! I’m going to copy it down and pin it to my board … because I think it’s a really important distinction that will dynamically flavour my interactions with people – all people, but especially people I coach.

    It’s a simple notion, but because it’s so basic, it becomes profound. So … thank you for this little pearl of wisdom! I’m definitely applying it to my lens.

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