10 ways to bait a reporter

When you go fishing and use the your favorite bait, the intention is not just to hope that the fish notices the bait but that the fish takes the bait!  The same goes for reporters. In order to reel-in a reporter, you must identify what is reporter bait? Consider these ideas and apply the ones that fit your business:

  1. Embrace anything that makes you unique. A local jewelry store owner in Northern Wisconsin received media coverage across all of Minnesota and Wisconsin simply because the owner felt the end of the world was coming soon. Obviously you don’t have to go that far but it must be unique.
  2. Be the community of standards. Compile fascinating data. OkCupid.com mined its customer data to show which smartphone users have the most sex. What kind of irresistible statistic could you compile from your business?
  3. Run a weird contest. Be the local beauty shop giving a makeover to the husband of the women who makes the best case that he looks like an average Joe.
  4. Sell product X locally for the first time.
  5. Provide an environmentally friendly version of a product everyone uses – and be the only local place to purchase it.
  6. Link your underlying story pitch with some basic human emotion, like love, fear or hope. Start a knitting story in memory of your grandmother, who taught you about knitting.
  7. Frame your story as a local example of a national or international issue currently in the news. If Congress is debating health care, and your clinic has developed a unique program for handling people without insurance, you’ve got a pitch.
  8. Magnify a trend. It’s a holiday, and you’ve seen an uptick in your store sales, while everyone else has noticed a downturn.
  9. Share how you just hit X,000 regular subscribers on your blog, and show how that translates to online sales. This process remains foreign and therefore fascinating to most reporters.
  10. Reveal how you’ve transitioned a primarily brick-and-mortar store into doing a good amount of online sales.

2 thoughts on “10 ways to bait a reporter

  1. Patrick, how are you? Thank you so much for this post!
    I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get reporters to come out to Sehatu Sleep, do a story of some sort to get people curious, engaged, and experience our Deep Relaxation Training program.

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