It’s so easy to be paralyze in the pursuit of perfect that you end up not being good. That you are so worried about launching in this spectacular way, that you never do.

In this connection economy launching is way overrated it’s not important at all. The large book signing, the grand opening, and the press releases all on the first day, doesn’t matter any more because the media you where trying to put that show on for, is gone.

This notion that on the first day everyone has to come is unrealistic. What’s going to happen is a few people are going to interact with you, enough that they understand the value, they trust you to deliver the value and they pay you for it.

So, what matters is this instinct to produce, to create solutions and ship them out the door.

Shipping means hitting the publish button on your blog, podcast, or YouTube video, creating that message and hitting post on Facebook, showing a presentation to the executives, making or answering the phone, selling the baked goods, sending out your references.

Shipping is the collision between your work and the outside world.

3 thoughts on “Shipping

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  2. Your post totally resonated with me. It reminded me of Christmas as a kid. We would wait for a month for the big day, and the day came and it was over before you knew it. It left a feeling of sadness, that it was all over. It was time to pack it all up until next year.

    I have come to realize as I got older that, the love shared at Christmastime should be shared all year long not just a one time event! We should work at our blogs all year long, not just when we get “inspired” to work up to it for a big event!

    Now is the time to “produce, to create solutions and ship them out the door.” I love this!

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