Why Kickstarter was started

Kickstarter was started to say that there’s all these projects that would get done if we knew in advance that people would go and buy it.

That I want to make a record album,  if I just knew that 1,000 fans would buy it, I could easily have the confidence to make it and if they all put up $50 up front I could actually walk into the recording studio, we’re done.

So kickstarter said here’s a platform, it’s very simple, go to your fans and say this it what I will make if you put up enough money and if you don’t you’ll get your money back.

Now once again, on the www (world-wide-web)  people confuse the mechanics to do something with what actually makes it work.

Kickstarter is irrelevant if you have been audience building and you have an audience you can reach, you can do it without kickstarter because they’re all these kickstarter clones, so kickstarter almost adds no value to someone who has an audience.

For some projects 4% of the money that comes in come from kickstarter and the 96% comes from people who were sent there through a link, so it’s not like kickstarter has this community of eager philanthropist, they just have this piece of software that let’s people coordinate demand with supply.

Now this is really different from the days of  Clive Davis . Clive Davis goes to all these radio stations and says every week  I’ll give you a 2-hour radio show, we’ll split the commercials, half the commercials you’ll sell and half the commercials I’ll sell, everybody wins.

And for years,  years, and years Clive made millions of dollars making a radio show. Now who has the power the musician or Clive? The answer is Clive has the power. Why does Clive has the power? Because he has a relationship with the radio stations and the radio stations have a relationship with the listeners, so if Clive wants to make you famous he can, but the artist has no power at all.

Kickstarter says hold on a minute, If you’re an artist and you already have a relationship with your reader, listener, or fan, we will let you go straight to that person leaving Clive out of the equation because you can publish yourself.

2 thoughts on “Why Kickstarter was started

  1. First Patrick, can I ask you what you mean by relevance? As I see it, it does have relevance as there are just a hand full of recording artist that have that kind of connections with enough fans to make it not a necessity to find some platform to get themselves out there on their own. That said, for some it is a need to find a place to show your wears and with KickStarter even if your project does not get enough funds to get launched, it may get seen by someone or enough folks to start a snow ball effect. See when your in the arts, as I’ve been for the past 2 and 1/2 decades, it is important not to think that it is like most businesses. That is not the case. Unfortunately it is very sophisticated and very hard to navigate the ever changing movements of this business and this is why most fail. Only 2.5% – 5% can support themselves as artist. That is the smallest % of any other business out there. There are many reasons why and you hit on it but I think it is so much more complicated than you make it out to be. First off, at the time, yes Clive did create these relationships, but he also had his hand on the pulse of his listeners. He had an instinct about what the next thing would be, he educated himself by going out, hearing what was coming up in the basements and street corners, so he was bringing something fresh and new to the game. He in fact gained his fame by finding Janis Joplin at the Monterey Prep festival and selling 25million records of hers, then finding Earth Wind and Fire, Whitney, resurrecting Carlos Santanas career and countless other smart business moves, but what set him apart was his golden ear. Also, he started out as a lawyer for his record co Columbia. and moved up to the creative eventually becoming pres. See, the way you are presenting is not such an accurate picture and I’m not so sure that you see why org’s. like kickStarter are relavent to artist or inventors alike?
    Patrick, I hope you don’t take offense, but it is a very difficult game, the art business and I have worked in it for a long time, Many things have to align to find success and one has to create relationships as you say, but it is so much more than that. When you educate yourself and work endless and tireless hrs to find your audience, yes one has to work at those relationships, but as an artist, that aspect is another job that few of those in the arts can do, as there are not enough hrs in the day to do properly. That’s where the good folks at places like kickStarter come in, and I for one see a ton of relevance in that.

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