What marketers actually sell

Not electronics or clothes or food or vacations or automobiles or talk or even sugary water.

What marketers actually sell is “hope”.

The reason is quite simple: people need more of it. It’s like taking a bath, you need it everyday.

Hope is almost always in demand.

The magical thing about selling hope is that it makes everything else work better, every day get better, every project work better, every relationship feel better.

If you can actually deliver on the hope you sell, there will be a line out the door.

Hope cures. Hope increases. Hope needs no justification.

Charles Revlon, owner of Revlon International Corp., clearly understood this concept and now is famously quoted saying, “In the factory we make cosmetics. In the department stores we sell hope.”


4 thoughts on “What marketers actually sell

  1. Great post, I’ve always taught that confidence in your product you are selling will pretty much sell itself. I think you hit the nail on the head by saying we are selling hope. When you believe in your product and what it can do to help your potential client you are selling them hope. Very well stated.

    • Thanks and you nailed it for me as well by stating it back to me. I try very hard to point out things that most of us all ready know, but describe it in a way that helps you take action on it. Thanks for your comments and I hope you enjoy the blog.

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