The New Culture of Generosity

The connection economy has caused a shift and I have watched this shift in myself, my fans, and the marketplace. I call it “The New Culture of Generosity”.

Against popular opinion, I don’t believe that social media promotes narcissism. It certainly doesn’t reward it.

While there will always be exceptions, the people who are “takers” are not successful at attracting followers, fans, or readers. Instead, Pintrest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs reward “givers”—people who are generous.

The implication of this cultural shift is that the more generous you are, the more you will succeed online. In other words, the more you give:

  • the more fans and followers you will attract
  • the more people you will influence
  • and the more conversations you will lead

Here are four quick ways you can be generous with your social media channels:

  1. Share recommendations. Provide links to the things you find remarkable  This can include blogs, news articles, books, music, and movies.
  2. Share your expertise.  Everybody is an expert about something. Everybody has a passion, a hobby and a cause. And your expertise could be a big help to others. Your fans will appreciate it.
  3. Share your connections. If you don’t know the answer or don’t feel like you can help someone, try to connect them to someone who can.
  4. Share your empathy. Sometimes people just need your empathy. You can remind people that they are not alone. All by itself, this is an act of generosity.

This is just the beginning I am sure. Other people willingly share their resources, encouragement, and even humor.

Question: What about you?

9 thoughts on “The New Culture of Generosity

  1. Great blog, I’d go one step further and say this same concept applies to personal connections as well. I know quite a few marketers who take the “yes man” mentality to every connection they make when sometimes the phrase needs to be “yes, I know a man”. The concept of sharing your expertise, your connections, and even opening up your contacts book to introduce a sale to someone else based on your recommendation brings this concept of the givers gain to a business practical networking strategy in our everyday life.

    Good insight! glad I’ve found your blog.

    -Stephan Gilly

  2. I totally agree! My favorite bloggers are the ones that show you how to create or be as successful as they are. However, I don’t believe that social media promotes narcissism but that you DO need to brag on yourself somewhat…which is hard to do for some people, including myself.

    • Thanks for your comment Mindy! And yes, yes, and yes you do need to brag on yourself in my post “5 Rungs to Building a Social Media Presence” I state that we should: Provide Information. Let the people in your group know about what’s going on in your life. Do you have a workshop, tele-seminar, speech, signing, YouTube video or podcast coming up? Is a new product being released? Have you posted a sample for free? Did a magazine publish one of your short stories? This isn’t selling; it is informing. You aren’t telling them to buy; you are letting them know what you have and leaving the decision to them.

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