Are you creating remarkable experiences

What is that remarkable experience that you can create with your customers?

So, when they leave they have something remarkable to share.

What does remarkable mean? One thing: something worth making a remark about.

Now if you can figure this out, you’ll discover that you’re not just selling the product, or the service, but something more, something that people will pay more for, that people will cross the street to get, and search the web to buy.

7 thoughts on “Are you creating remarkable experiences

      • Yes Apple is a great example. Thank you both for your comments and for them here is some great insight into remarkable based off of Apple marketing strategy:

        Insight into Remarkable:
        Insight #1: Create products you would personally use.
        Insight #2: Create products that solve problems in unexpected ways.
        Insight #3: Create products that exceed your customers’ expectations.

      • Good point with their products as well. With the Apple Store I was thinking about Jobs’ philosophy of not just selling electronics, but enriching lives. The Apple Store goes beyond outstanding customer service (which in itself is remarkable) by working with and teaching people how to make their lives better and easier by getting the most out of their Apple products. Every time I’m in an Apple Store you can see tech problems being solved and people being trained by employees that seem really happy to be involved.

        I find every aspect of the Apple Store experience remarkable…

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