3 different types of revenue

  1. Cash – obviously if you can make a sale that’s revenue for your company. One example of this would be a facility that sells monthly memberships.
  2. Attention and Trust – now they’re lots of businesses that need this, like I’m going to watch channel 6 news tonight. Well, I’m not paying them cash, I’m giving them attention and trust, in which they can figure out how to make money.
  3. Referral – Does your service or product work better when your friends use it too? Krispy Kreme uses the revenue of referral when they open up a new location, employees start giving away thousands of donuts. The people most likely show up for a free hot donut are those who have heard the legend of Krispy Kreme and are delighted that the company is finally in town. These people spread the word. They tell their friends and even bring them into a store.

Question: Do you know which one or two or three your business needs? 

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