The shortcut…

is always a short story isn’t it? Always!

That when we think about it, actually, it’s the long stories that are the successful ones.

About how you found that dream job, or discovered this profitable network  or managed to get that deal approved.

If long stories are so successful, how come we spend all our lives pursing and creating short stories? Seeking out the shortcut and the get rich quick schemes might be the reason you don’t have enough successful long stories.

6 thoughts on “The shortcut…

  1. I like the way you put this. My answer to your question about pursuing short stories comes back to passion (again). Not enough people think it’s a viable option. As for those get-rich-quick schemes, when are those ever someone’s passion?

    • Deidre, I like your statement that “get-rich-quick schemes are never anyone’s passion”.

      And yes passion is what usually makes long stories, because it gives you the extra stuff to persevere.

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