Posted in September 2012

The “habit” of marketing

“Marketing is a habit. Watch your marketing, it becomes your story. Watch your story, it becomes your trademark. Watch your trademark, it becomes your advertising. Watch your advertising, it becomes their habit. Watch their habits, they become your growth and profits.” – Patrick McFadden “We buy what resonates with us. Marketing then, is not an act, but a … Continue reading

The Power of the #Hashtag

Kick your tweeting up a notch by incorporating strategic #hashtags. Think of a keyword associated with what you want to promote and include it in all of your tweets. Encourage your customers and friends to use the hashtag in their related tweets to generate buzz. This powerful tool allows your current network to easily share … Continue reading

The sequence for successful selling – of anything.

Goes like this: Developing rapport and trust  – 40% of the process. Identifying Needs – 30% of the process. Product Presentation – 20% of the process. Closing – 10% of the process. Why People Buy From You? They like you.  They trust you. Always for their reasons…not yours! Old School Sales Process 10% – Telling … Continue reading

Platform Builder: Digital Publishing Platform

In a previous post I talked about how “Micro-magazines are the future of media” and the reason I believe that is because they have components that make them very attractive to advertisers and readers. Well with a little research I found What is “Issuu is a digital publishing platform that delivers remarkable reading experiences of magazines, … Continue reading

The theatre of the mind

How many restaurants have this in their restrooms? There is this notion that this sign is for the employees, that it reminds them that “employees must wash hands”. I’m pretty sure that competence is everywhere and that all employees know to wash their hands, before they are employed. So, why post this sign? Why have this in … Continue reading

Blank Check – Opportunity!

What’s in your wallet? Most of us have our driver’s license, Visa card, business cards, health/dental insurance cards, and a blank check, but a blank check in your wallet helps you out a little. “It represents opportunity,  but not action.” The majority of us who care are carrying around a blank check, an opportunity to impact lives, … Continue reading

Jeff Beale Interviews Me

Marketing Versus Advertising Jeff Beale just started a new podcast that is already on my short list of must-listen-to shows. In this episode he interviews me about my blog Marketing and Advertising are not the same, and how the internet works. You can find Jeff’s “website” here  and the interview here.

That kind of unique

That’s the goal of indispensable marketing. To help market your remarkable offering as the best in the world ( your customers world), because the world is defined by what you do. Now, the way that’s impossible to do this is by being unique because you’re famous. Let’s take a look at Oprah, there’s only one … Continue reading

Now Casting: Entrepreneurs—want to be on the show?

The producers of the ABC reality series Shark Tank are on a nationwide search to discover the next successful (and possibly wealthy) entrepreneurs, inventors, businesspersons, creators and innovators. In each episode, budding entrepreneurs are given the unprecedented chance to make their business grow immediately.

Join Me for a FREE…..

Workshop, Class, Seminar, Teleseminar. You guessed it: the new media is largely FREE ( YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Pintrest, Newsletters, Podcasts, Blog Talk Radio, LinkedIn) and-on-and-on. Which brings me to this point: it’s a revolution. And what revolutions do is they destroy the perfect and then they enable the impossible.  That when we think about how we … Continue reading