How can you build more trust and develop better relationships?

An organization with people on the ground, that’s alert and has an eye for attention to detail can build more trust and develop better relationships than one than hits and runs. We know that relationships of any kind are better when the details aren’t missed but recognized.

  • Contact every user who stops using your service and find out why.
  • Create a newsletter for every journalist who covers your space, and deliver it every three weeks, even when you’re not asking for anything. Just to keep them in the loop.
  • Eagerly pay attention to people who mention you online and engage with them in a way that they prefer to be engaged.
  • Sponsor industry events and actually show up.
  • Write a thank you note every single day, to someone who doesn’t expect one.
  • Build your permission asset by 1% every day. Every day, 1% more people are eager and happy to hear from you.
  • Write a blog every day, not to sell, but to teach.
  • Connect people in your industry, because you enjoy it.
  • Host community meetings in your store.
  • Put a lemonade stand in front of your business and let the local kids donate the money to whatever charity they like.
  • Hand out free samples every chance you have.
  • Keep in touch with people who used to work with you and continue to help them get great gigs and new business, even years later.
  • Put together an honest buyer’s guide, pointing out in which instances your competitor’s products are a better choice.
  • Run classes for your customers.
  • Run classes for your competitors.
  • Build a recruiting pipeline that is in place more than a year before you need to hire someone.

None of this is appropriate. Your product and your strategy have to be remarkable. But a lot of it is necessary. Hearts and minds not logic

10 thoughts on “How can you build more trust and develop better relationships?

  1. Thank you for this piece. We are always trying to draft that “model” of dmo’s to practice on a daily basis. This “check list” helps create a model of duplication. Thanks very much.

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  4. Hi, thank you for your ideas, i just wanted to ask if they will work for an IT company, the company is called RightClickFix, we started about a year ago, we have some clients, but lately it has been tough for us, so we are looking for new ideas on how to attract new clients, whether its big companies or even a home user, we have made flyers and handed out free gifts, it worked a little bit but since then we have received no new clients, all help would be appreciated,

    thank you

    • Hey Collen, Thanks for your comment and question! Yes these will work for your company, but it seems to me you don’t have a effective marketing plan implemented. What are you doing consistently to make sure your prospects and customers are aware of you, so that trust you, and move towards buying from you?

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